Become a professional Mobile Dog Groomer with Blue Wheelers, Wash, Clip & Groom!

Let’s be honest! How many hours can you spend during the day playing with your dog; patting your dog; talking to your dog (remember they can’t actually talk back); walking your dog? If you have answered ‘that’s me” or ‘too many to count”, maybe it’s time to reflect on your working life!

As seen on the very first episode of TEN’s Pooches At Play, Blue Wheelers Wash, Clip & Groom is Australia’s 1st choice in mobile dog grooming. The company has over 180 happy team members who all get to spend every day with dogs and puppies. Yes, it’s true that some of those dogs can be smelly and dirty, but it doesn’t take too long to get those puppy dog eyes thanking you for making them clean, neat and smelling amazing too!

Tracy dog groomerPooches At Play host, Lara Shannon, introduces you to May, Blue Wheelers Caulfield and Tracy, Blue Wheelers Rowville who both talk about their experiences as a professional dog groomer with Blue Wheelers and why they chose to join the pack.


Blue Wheelers didn’t get to be so successful on a national basis just by luck! Franchisor Martin Rose and Marketing Manager, Janie Rose have put all their hearts, energy and definitely all their brains into making Blue Wheelers into one of the Pet Industry’s most renowned brands.

As a Blue Wheeler Dog Groomer you can earn upwards of $1200 per week with many earning $2000 or more on a weekly basis. Joining this established Franchise system reaps many rewards as you are trained on how to quickly grow your business, and how to become a skilled groomer. Driving your Big Blue Dog from street to street in your owned marketing territory gets you noticed very quickly. Within months you become the community’s Dog Groomer of choice.

The Blue Dog mobile salon is top of the range when it comes to offering our Washing and grooming services and does just about all your marketing for you. It’s such a unique sight and brings a smile and a nod from everyone who sees it. Even the dogs go crazy when it pulls up outside the house! They love to be pampered and love our 100% natural Aussie treats.

Building your customer base is just one of the many business skills we teach you at Blue Wheelers Training School. At the end of your comprehensive training, you will be a certified dog groomer ready to meet and greet all sorts of dogs and their human family.

If you dream about spending more time with dogs and less time with your boss, it’s time to come and talk to the team at Blue Wheelers. First step…click here

Second step, dare to follow your own dream! We will do your full business set up and train you the Blue Wheelers way to success!

Third step, we will put you in touch with any Blue Wheeler Groomer you want to chat to about this genuine opportunity to change your life for the better!

About the Author: Janie Rose is the head of marketing at Blue Wheelers. Aside from having an extensive career in marketing, she is also the proud owner of a feisty Labradoodle named Lulu.