Every year over 200,000 pets end up homeless and many of them never find a new family to love. That’s why I’m such a big advocate for pet adoption.

In the 2016 to 2017 financial year, the RSPCA received 135,872 animals nationally. Of these, 40% of the dogs were re-claimed, 36% were re-homed and sadly 12 % were euthanised (for a variety of reasons sickness or physical injuries).

There is often a misconception that animals, dogs in particular, that end up in pounds or shelters have something ‘wrong’ with them. I’ve heard many people say they are worried about adopting a dog because they assume they will have behavioral issues, but this is not the case. Often, all the dog needs is a loving owner and good leadership.

There are many reasons for pets end up in pounds and shelters. They may have gotten lost with no microchip or tag to identify the owner; an owner may have passed away or moved into a nursing home with no family to take care of their pet; whilst some people give up their pet due to a lifestyle or family change.

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that these animals need our love and help to find their forever homes through pet adoption initiatives.

In Episode 7 of Series 2, we share the story of PETstock’s National Pet Adoption Day, which is just one initiative of many that PETstock undertake to help promote pet rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

A long time ago, PETstock made a choice not to sell dogs or cats in their stores. Instead, PETstock are advocates for pet adoption, with their stores partnering up with PetRescue affiliated groups across Australia to promote perfectly lovable rescue pets and just how great they are.

Whether it’s by holding in store pet adoption days, making space for in store adoption enclosures, their National Pet Adoption Day or various fundraising and awareness activities, PETstock are devoted to helping give homeless pets a voice and find their forever families, which is one of the reasons we love having them as a partner of Pooches at Play.

How to adopt a pet through PETAdopt

PETstock’s PETAdopt program has been specifically designed to create environments in-store where potential pet owners can meet adoptable pets in a positive, convenient and friendly environment.

If an adoptee meets a pet they like, the adoption process begins. Starting with PETstock connecting the adoptee with the rescue group to ensure the necessary paperwork, home checks and interviews are completed.

It’s important to know that the adoption fees go entirely to the rescue groups too and are necessary to help cover the desexing procedure, microchipping, vaccinations and parasite control, as well as a thorough medical and behavioral assessment. PETstock do not profit from the adoption of animals.

After an adoption, the rescue groups provide adoptees with the information they need about adopting their new pet, as well as provide support on how to introduce their new pet into the family.

Over $2 million raised through PETstock Assist

PETstock also has their own charitable foundation, PETstock Assist, which has raised over $2 million to date to help pets and families in need.

One of PETstock Assist’s major charity partners is PetRescue who provide free support services to 900+ shelters and rescue groups nationwide and, on any given day, offer 9,000+ rescue pets the best chance of finding a forever home. So, whilst National Pet Adoption Day has been and gone for this year, there are plenty of ways to find out more about adopting your next pet through your local PETstock store, or online with PetRescue.

Remember though, deciding to bring a pet into your life and home should not be taken lightly, nor led by a short-sterm desire. Before deciding to purchase that cute little puppy you saw online or rushing out to adopt a pet from a shelter, make sure you seek some advice about what’s involved before you do.

Your local PETstock store can help here as well, so I would recommend having a chat to a staff member first to help you work through your choices, and how the adoption process works should you decide to go down the wonderful path of adopting a pet.


About the Author: Lara Shannon is co-Host of Pooches at Play and has completed a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training with the National Dog Trainers Federation. Lara also runs her own dog training, minding and walking business in Melbourne’s Bayside area.