Meet Meet Brody the Golden Retriever and his owners Laura & Mike 

About the Breed 

The Golden Retriver is known for its lustrous, golden coat of resilient quality and medium length. It is a very popular Gundog breed and is employed today for its compatibility in companionship, showmanship, obedience and field trials.

Why did you choose this particular breed?

We chose to get a golden retriever because they are great family dogs, love to play, have great personalities, and are so cute and goofy!

Is their personality/behaviour in line with what people may associate with the breed?

Brody has such a fun loving personality and he loves to play! Toys are his favorite- he never rips them up or destroys them- even the soft fluffy ones(those are actually his favorite!) Brody also loves people- we would take him to the dog park, but he only wanted to play with us! He also LOVES to be outside, go running, and play. He absolutely hates car rides!

Any Tips for someone considering getting this breed?

Brody is a big dog- about 95 lbs! If you have a small house beware of this! Golden’s are so fun loving and loyal and are great family dogs. He loves to be outside so it is ideal if you have a yard!

How interested/good at training or obedience?

Brody is very well behaved. He never needed to go to obedience school because he lisetened very well as a puppy! He gets compliments all the time that he is a very well behaved dog!

Any tricks, skills or community work?

Brody loves to learn new tricks- he knows how to play hide and go seek with his parents!! He knows to wait until we yell “come find me!” And he will search the entire house (multiple floors!) until he finds us! He is rewarded with a treat at the end of course

You can catch his adventures on Instagram: @misterbrodes_thegolden