Meet Sue and Mimi the Finnish Lapphund dog, aged 1.5 years

About the Breed

The Finnish Lapphund dog was bred by the Sami people who now inhabit areas Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia to herd reindeer.

Why did you choose this particular breed?

Finnish Lapphunds are intelligent, friendly and healthy dogs. They’re cute as pups and end up being either beautiful or handsome adult dogs with many different colours and markings. Most importantly they love people!

Is their personality/behaviour in line with what people may associate with the breed?

There are not many Finnish Lapphund dogs  in Australia, their numbers are quite small in comparison to other breeds. If you do meet one, they are generally very friendly towards people and love attention.

Any Tips for someone considering getting this breed?

This is a breed that requires a lot of mental/physical stimulation about 60 minutes of exercise a day. With at least a walk they can manage in a small backyard, but the bigger the yard, the better. They are after all bred as a working dog.

A Finnish Lapphund makes a great dog for those who have previously had a dog, as they require consistent training to ensure you have a well-balanced and behaved dog. Without mental stimulation and training, these dogs can become very destructive.

As they absolutely adore their humans, they can suffer from separation anxiety, so this breed is best for people who are with them most if not all of the time.

Finnish Lapphunds have an incredibly fluffy double coat, which people think requires hours of grooming, but a thorough grooming once a week is enough to keep their coat looking good.

Most owners feed their dogs a combination of dry food and raw food. I give my dog plenty of chicken carcasses and necks (this also helps to keep them occupied and good, clean teeth).

This breed of dog is fantastic with kids of all ages and are very gentle with them, so great for families.

How interested/good at training or obedience?

Lappies are very intelligent dogs who are able to learn things very quickly. However, being intelligent dogs, they sometimes question your commands and sometimes may not comply.
Overall, they are great at many dog sports such as Obedience, Flyball, Agility, Rally-O, Herding, Lure Coursing and many other dog sports.

Any tricks, skills or community work?

These dogs are so easy to teach tricks to, and love to perform. The sky is the limit with these dogs, it is only limited to what tricks you train them to do.

Being very friendly, people focused dogs, Finnish Lapphunds have made great Therapy Dogs. There is a Finnish Lapphund dog in Melbourne who is involved in a reading program to help primary aged kids to improve their reading skills.