Meet Murphy the Cavoodle and his owner Shannon!

About the BreedMurphy the Cavoodle

Murphy is a cavoodle! Cavoodles are a cross breed of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and either a toy or miniature poodle. They were originally bred in the USA and have recently become more popular in the last 10 years in Australia and the UK.

Why did you choose this particular breed

Cavoodles shed minimal to no hair. They are also great all rounder dogs, friendly, easy to train and a great family dog. Not to mention – super cute like a real life teddy bear!

Is their personality/behaviour in line with what people associated with the breed?

Cavoodles are very affectionate and loving which people definitely know. However, they are very active dogs that require a lot of exercise, especially as puppies. They are the perfect cuddle buddy but love to fetch a ball and have a run!

The Cavalier behaviours are reflected in the cavoodle and they can be quite prone to separation anxiety. We ensured we helped Murphy become more resilient by slowly building up time by himself.

Also the Poodle behaviours are reflected in a cavoodle too and they can be great little guard dogs. Murphy always barks when he can hear noises outside or if someone knocks on the door – however he is not aggressive one bit.

Any tips for someone considering getting this breed?

Do your research! Find a trusted breeder and always trust your gut feeling when buying a pup. Cavoodles can be 1st generation (poodle x Cavalier) or 2nd generation (cavoodle x cavoodle).

The fact that Cavoodles don’t shed hair is fantastic but keep in mind the cost and time spent grooming your dog. We brush his ears and tail daily, his body every few days. He requires a face trim every month and a full groom every 6-8 weeks.

Lots of Cavoodles also can be fussy eaters so it’s important to stay consistent with feeding or else they may not settle for anything less than roast chicken!

Stick to your training so your pup doesn’t develop separation anxiety. As cute as they are, tough love is best so they can be independent and stress free!

Although they look like cuddly teddies, it’s important that they get lots of exercise like any other breed.

Murphy the Cavoodle

How interested/good at training or obedience?

Cavoodles are very clever which is a surprise to some people. Murphy picked up the command ‘sit’ in only a few days! Treats do help but Cavoodles do love to impress their owners so treats aren’t always essential!

Any tricks, community work?

Murphy can sit, lie down, stay, leave it, shake and speak.

You can catch Murphy’s adventures on Instagram: @cavoodlemurphy