Meet Sir Basil the Pug, age 9 months and his owner Madelyn Rae Farfalla

About the Breed

Sir Basil is a pure bred, fawn pug. Origins are unconfirmed, but widely known as the oldest breed of dog, around since 400BC! They were bred to be lap dogs for royalty (specifically Chinese emperors). The pug became popularised in the Victorian era, with many being depicted in Victorian paintings as a symbol of wealth (Queen Victoria owned a pug, as did Price William of Orange and Napoleon!). A group of pugs is called a grumble! The pug is the largest member within the toy breed, and they are brachycephalic – meaning the head is broad and short, which gives them the iconic ‘smushed face’ appearance.

Why did you choose this particular breed?

The personality and loyalty of a pug is what drew me to bring Sir Basil into our family. Pugs are loving, playful animals who exhibit a regal demeanour and are good humoured and friendly. The double curl tail that resembles a pig, the big, expressive eyes and the sturdy barrel body make the pug adorable. Sir Basil, like all pugs, is very loyal, loving and never ceases to make me laugh.

Is their personality/behaviour in line with what people may associate with the breed?

Sir Basil is extremely active, loves going for runs and loves to play fetch! People associate pugs to be lazy, only pug owners know this not to be the case – they mimic their owner’s lifestyle! Sir Basil is intelligent, rarely barks – instead communicates with a series of snorts, grunts, and cocking of the head from side to side.

Any Tips for someone considering getting this breed?

Pugs are ideal for singles, couples and families living in an apartment or house! They settle in well to new environments and appreciate either an area to roam or a large yard for exercise!

Pugs are like a shadow, always around their owner and love to be wherever people are. Pugs are playful with children and other dogs. Pugs need proper care for their faces, taking careful consideration not to hurt their eyes, or to get overweight, as they love their treats!

If you want a loyal companion that brings happiness to your family, then definitely consider owning a pug – they become a true member of it.

How interested/good at training or obedience?

Sir Basil loved puppy school and responds well to training commands. Pugs enjoy a routine, and are obedient if one can be established. Pugs can be stubborn, but perseverance is key. It’s imperative to ensure you don’t give in to those adorable eyes!

Any tricks, skills or community work?

He can fetch, jump and walk on his hind legs, do a single and double ‘high five’, sit, stay, jump over objects on command and more!

Sir Basil loves playing dress up, belly rubs, beanbags, cat tunnels, torpedoing onto and off of the couch and beds and chasing (and catching!) his tail.

You can follow his antics on his Instagram page @sirbasilthepug