With the festive time of year nearing, it’s time to start organising your pets’ christmas stockings and we thought we’d put forward some gift suggestions for the furry family members this Christmas.

Our friends at PETstock have a great range of toys for every furbaby – from chew toys to treats, through to Santa hats and even personalised stockings!

Here’s some of the cute Christmas gifts for your pooch that we’ve picked out to help you with your stocking fillers.

DGG Christmas 2018 Personalised Christmas Stocking | $9.99

DGG Christmas 2018 Personalised Elf Hats | $4.99
– S, M & L sizes

DGG Christmas 2018 Sparkle Bow | $4.99
– S, M & L sizes


We also know that over Christmas that some people love to dress their dog up in costumes and accessories, so please remember that these can cause anxiety for many pooches so make sure your dog feels comfortable with their Christmas accessory or costume. Read more about the do’s and don’ts of dog costumes here.

Bark-a-boo Christmas 2018 Magical Cubbies Bunny |$11.99

Bark-a-boo Christmas 2018 Magical Braided Fabric Twister | $17.99


Bark-a-boo Christmas 2018 Magical Door Knocker | $9.99


Bark-a-boo Christmas 2018 Magical Long Legs | $19.99


DGG Christmas 2018 Doogy Treat Stocking | $9.99


DGG Christmas 2018 Candy Cane Treat | $14.99


With all the Christmas food and treats flowing around the home, remember to be really careful with what you feed your pets to ensure they don’t get sick or you don’t have to rush them to the Vets.  Below are some treats specifically made for dogs, though remember moderation is the key just like us humans!  To find out more about toxic food and Christmas treats to watch out for, have a read of this article to help keep your pets safe this holiday season.


Pooch Treats Christmas 2018 PT Doggy Puddings | $9.99


DGG Christmas 2018 Rawhide Bon Bon | $3.49


For more PETstock Christmas toys visit their website.